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The Thrive Approach: Nurturing Emotional Growth

The Thrive approach is more than just a method; it's a dynamic, development, and trauma-sensitive strategy tailored to meet the emotional and social needs of children and young people. Backed by research, it has been proven to enhance attendance, behaviour, and learning outcomes.

Child Development Theory

At the heart of the Thrive Approach lies a deep understanding of child development theory. Through vast research, Thrive has crafted a developmental model spanning from birth to adulthood. This model, organised into six pivotal stages, illuminates the essential social and emotional learning experiences necessary for healthy development.

Interpreting Behaviour through the Thrive Lens

When intertwined with attachment theory and neuroscience, the Thrive developmental model becomes a powerful tool for interpreting children and young people's behaviour. It unveils how interruptions or gaps in development, stemming from unmet needs or missed experiences, can manifest as distressed behaviours. By identifying these developmental gaps, the Thrive model empowers us to tailor interventions to bridge these divides and support optimal growth.

Key Insights

Sequential Framework: The Thrive model unfolds as a sequential framework, revealing the intricate connections between social and emotional development, behaviour, and learning.

Addressing Developmental Gaps: While the stages progress sequentially, there's always room to revisit earlier stages to address any developmental gaps arising from missed experiences or unmet needs.

Inclusive Support: Through this developmental model, the Thrive Approach ensures inclusive support for all children and young people, while offering targeted interventions for those with additional needs.

Empowering Families and Staff, Transforming Futures

By embracing the Thrive developmental model, adults guiding children and young people embark on a journey to make a tangible difference in their futures. It's not just about understanding development; it's about actively nurturing emotional growth and paving the way for thriving individuals.

Our Approach at Bennerley Fields School

We embrace the Thrive Approach as a cornerstone of our educational philosophy. Implemented school wide, the Thrive Approach is alive in every classroom, shaping our interactions and practices. Each class undergoes termly profiling, allowing us to tailor our support strategies and activities to meet the diverse needs of our pupils effectively.

We currently have four fully trained licensed practitioners. These in-school professionals provide personalised support to pupils via a referral process through weekly 1:1 sessions, tailored to address their unique needs and challenges. Through targeted home activities, we empower families to reinforce intended outcomes, fostering a collaborative environment conducive to growth and development.

For any enquiries or additional information about the Thrive Approach, please feel free to contact Rachel Raisin-Moss our Lead Thrive Practitioner through the school office.

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