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Nurture. Support. Aspire. Achieve.


We are an enthusiastic KS1 and KS2 class of 8 pupils. We enjoy learning and working together in our class team. We follow an exciting varied curriculum, which we are taught through whole class teaching, group work and one to one teaching. We are getting better at understanding and following our routines, which means we are happy and ready to learn every day!

The Bennerley Attitudes, help us to learn to work together and respect each other.


Important Information

Please use the home diaries for communication or you can  contact class via the class email address -


We do outdoor learning on Mondays (forest school)  & Wednesdays so please send your young person in wearing suitable attire for the activities and weather.


Please send all clothing, hats, wellies etc. labelled for your young person.



Duffield class really enjoy 'peer massage' we follow videos on Youtube here is a link for you to have a look at, it might be something you would like to try at home > Hafod Lon - YouTube

Current Dinner Menu

11/6/24 ➖ Tough mudder! ☺️

7/6/24 ➖ Ice creams!!🍦🍨❤️

6/6/24 ➖ climbing wall! 🧗‍♀️🧗

6/6/24 ➖ Fun at the park 🛝

6/6/24 ➖ Aero ball 🥎 

5/6/24 ➖ We had some visitors today 😄

5/6/24 ➖ Today we baked banana 🍌 muffins 🧁🧑‍🍳

4/6/24 ➖ Duffield visited Rufford’s cafe, Rufford did a fantastic job & Duffield loved the experience! This fitted in with Duffield’s Beyond Bennerley lesson & Rufford’s careers 


3/6/24 ➖ This morning at forest school we met some new friends 😄🐸

3/6/24 ➖ Explore activities 🐆🐘🦛🦒🦍

Ready for our new topic!  🦁🐆🦍🐘🦒🦛🐊

Our new topic is 'All About Africa!' 

(Geography focus)

24/5/24 ➖ Duffield class learnt all about proteins today & tried some boiled egg, chicken & baked beans! 😄

21/5/24 ➖ Today we enjoyed tasting different foods from our English text ‘Healthy Foods’ 🍎🍑🍋🍊🍓🍇🍉🍒

21/5/24 ➖ PE on the playground 

15/5/24 ➖ Duffield enjoyed making a fruit salad in their DT lesson today 🍒🍓🍇🍎🍉🍑🍊🍋🍍🍌

10/5/24 ➖Duffield enjoyed creating a shopping list in Beyond Bennerley, buying their items at a shop & making angel delight with the ingredients 😄

9/5/24 ➖ Today Duffield made egg mayonnaise sandwiches, we now know eggs come from chickens and they live on farms! 🥚🐓

9/5/24 ➖ Water play & vehicles outside 😄☀️💧🚗🚕

8/5/24 ➖ Today we watered our sunflower seeds & planted a bean seed in a plastic bag and stuck them to the window so we can watch them grow! 🫘🫛

8/5/24 ➖ Painting flowers outside 🌷😄

2/5/24➖ Duffield loved their trip to Chatsworth farm! We seen lots of animals 🐷🐄🐖🐑🐔, enjoyed a tractor ride 🚜 & had the most fun on the huge playground 🛝 

1/5/24 ➖ Duffield enjoyed their art lesson this afternoon, we mixed paints to get the colours we wanted 🎨🖌️

1/5/24 ➖ Today we planted some potatoes & learnt about the life cycle of a potato 🥔😄

1/5/24 ➖ Today we checked on our sunflower 🌻 seeds that we planted last week, they have started to grow!! 😄

1/5/24 ➖ Today we planted radish seeds 

30/4/24 ➖ PE lesson outside in the sunshine ☀️ 

29/4/24 ➖ Today Duffield planted seeds down at forest school & enjoyed exploring 😄

26/4/24 ➖ Duffield class are currently reading ‘The gigantic Turnip’ as their English text. We enjoyed acting out pulling the giant turnip & eating turnip stew 😄.

25/4/24 ➖ Planting some strawberries 🍓

25/4/24 ➖ Music with Charlotte 🎶🎼🎵🎹

24/4/24➖Today Duffield learnt all about the life cycle of plants 🪴 we then planted our own sunflower seeds 🌱🌻

23/4/24 ➖ St George’s day learning 

22/4/24 ➖ Duffield class made their own butter 🧈 at forest school this morning, they then enjoyed it on a slice of bread 🍞 for snack. We also love playing in the mud! 😄🙈

Fun at playtime 🫧🖍️

Week commencing 15/4/24 ➖ Photos from this week 😄. Forest school, Music with Charlotte, healthy eating, outdoor learning and lots of fun choose activities for the children to enjoy in the classroom.

18/4/24 ➖ Duffield really enjoyed their music session with Charlotte today 🎶🎼🎵😄

17/4/24 ➖ Art lesson 🥬🌳🍅

17/4/24 ➖ Duffield enjoyed exploring the playground today, for their outdoor learning they did a ‘spring hunt checklist’ to introduce their new topic all about growing plants & food 🌸🌳🍁🍃🌷🥦🥬🌽🍅🍓

16/4/24 ➖ Dough disco 🪩 

15/4/24 ➖ Duffield class enjoyed their first forest school session which we have for the next term, we are excited to see what we do next week 😄🌸🌳

27/3/24 ➖ Duffield have planted seeds in preparation for coming back after the Easter holidays, in the hope  that we have some lovely vegetables & flowers growing 🥕🌼🌸🍅

Duffield class have put together a display for their new topic ‘Ready steady grow’ they can’t wait to showcase their work on the new display 😄

Our new topic is 'Ready steady grow!'

(Science focus 🧪🚜🌾)

Easter week! 💜🐣🥚🪺🐰

Photos from choose time in Duffield 😄

21/3/24 ➖ Duffield enjoyed their topic/cooking lesson today, we looked at castle jobs like being a rat catcher, cook and gardener. They caught some rats outside 🐀 collected strawberries 🍓 & honey 🍯 to make biscuits to enjoy at a banquet 👸🏼🫅🏽

20/3/24 ➖ Duffield made their own sling shot in their design technology lesson 😄

More from Duffields medieval dancing in our music lesson 🎵🎶🥁👸🏼🫅🏽

Still image for this video

13/3/24 ➖Medieval dancing in Duffield class! 🫅🏽👸🏼 

13/3/24 ➖ Building our very own bridges 🌁🌉

12/3/24 ➖ Milkshake maths lesson learning all about capacity 🥤🍫

12/3/24 ➖ Duffield class did amazing in their English lesson, they followed their English text ‘Rapunzel’ and did some role play 👸🏼🫅🏽🏰 

8/3/24 ➖ World book day!!! 

7/3/24 ➖ Duffield enjoyed a trip to the aero park at East Midlands airport 🛫🛬🛩️✈️💺

6/3/24 ➖Medieval music lesson 🎶🎼🎵🥁🪘🪕

(Lily found it a little noisy 😂😂)

6/3/24 ➖ Duffield class enjoyed building their own bridges this morning with Katie from Bennerley viaduct 🌉🌁

Duffield class exploring in their new topic! 🏰👸🏼🫅🏽

Ready to explore!

Our new topic is 'Towers, Tunnels & Turrets' 

(History focus 📚)

1/2/24 - Duffield class loved their art lesson outdoors this morning creating some amazing pendulum paintings.

18/1/24 - Duffield class enjoyed their science lesson this morning in the hall, we are currently learning about forces.

Marvellous machine tuff trays for Duffield to explore! 🚗🏎🚜🏍🚄✈️🛳

12/1/24 - In Beyond Bennerley Duffield class are doing different jobs around the classroom/school to earn money for our savings bank! We are also discussing money and what it is used for.

10/1/24 - Duffield are enjoying learning about 'push and pull' in science.

Our new topic is ' Marvellous Machines '

(D&T focus ⚙️🤔)

Christmas week!! - This week Duffield have loved doing all the fun Christmas themed activities, we watched the school pantomime, enjoyed our Christmas dinner that we all ate together around the table & much much more 🎄⛄️🎅🏼🧑🏻‍🎄🎁⭐️🦌

Duffield's 'Winter Wonderland' classroom display

13/12/23 ➖ Duffield enjoyed outdoor learning this morning making outdoor winter decorations with natural materials ❄️✨

8/12/23 ➖ Duffield acted out their English text ‘Snow Bears’ 🐻❄️ Duffield used the zones of regulation to describe how the bears might be feeling 🔴🟢🔵🟡

Winter tuff tray for Duffield to explore ❄️🚂

6/12/23 ➖ Duffield enjoyed outdoor learning this morning making bird feeders for their science & DT lesson 🐦❄️ 

1/12/22 ➖ Duffield LOVED their trip to watch the snowman⛄️💙

29/11/23 ➖ Today Duffield enjoyed exploring the frost outside on the playground🥶❄️ & collected natural materials for our art lesson 🎨🖌️

28/11/23 ➖ Duffield have been practicing their Bennerley Attitudes in RSE 😊

22/11/23 ➖ Duffield enjoyed going to our ‘Winter Wonderland’ sensory garden this morning ❄️

17/11/23 ➖ Sensory room visit ✨🌌

16/11/23 ➖ Duffield enjoyed learning about Diwali 🪔 

15/11/23 ➖ Duffield enjoyed their Science outdoor learning today where they explored solids, liquids and gases🧪☺️

7/11/23 ➖Winter wonderland exploring 🥶 ❄️ 🐻‍❄️ 🧊 

6/11/23 ➖ Washing our hands in PSHE 🖐🏼🧼

Our new topic 'Winter Wonderland' 

(Geography focus 🗺️)

Halloween fun 🧙‍♀️ 🪄 🎃 💀 🐉 

19/10/23 ➖ Dinosaur sock puppets!🦖⭐️

Some photos from choose times ☺️

18/10/23 ➖ Outdoor exploring & painting today 😊

12/10/23 ➖ Duffield exploring what fossils are in our ‘Dinosaur planet’ topic 🦖🌍

13/10/23 ➖ The English text this week is ‘Where the wild things are’ Duffield looked at how the monsters might be feeling,  this also related to the zones of regulation 🔴🟢🔵🟡

10/10/23 ➖ Duffield cleaning the ocean 🌍🐋🐬🦈💙

Week commencing 2/10/23 ➖ Duffield’s ‘Dinosaur topic’ tuff trays have gone down very well with the children!🦖🦕.

4/10/23 ➖ Sensory massage & bubbles 🫧.

4/10/23 ➖ Duffield doing some exploration in their 'Dinosaur Planet' topic 🦖🦕.

3/10/23 - Duffield have been focusing on happy & sad emotions in RSE 😁😢.

28/09/23 ➖ In Geography and History, Duffield have been learning about pandas 🐼🎋including where they live, what they eat, and how we can help look after them and their environment 🌏.




27/9/23 - Today we had a visit from some reptiles 🐍🐢🦎.

28/9/23 ➖ We went outdoors to match colours with natural objects in art! 🎨😊We also made our own dinosaur eggs🥚🦖.

20/9/23 ➖ We have painted some rocks we found outside 🪨🖌️🎨.

We made our own fossils from dinosaur bones 🦴& designed a dinosaur using pasta 🦖😊.


6/9/23 ➖Outdoor learning to introduce the new topic ‘Dinosaur planet’ 🦖🌍.

Our first topic this year is Dinosaur Planet!

(science focus 🦖🧪)