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Welcome to Shipley Class. We are part of the Willow Department where we put great emphasis on nurture and sensory needs. We offer a bespoke curriculum to support all pupils of varying needs and implement the TEACCH approach, providing our pupils with an organised and structured environment centred around individual skills and interests

their learning journey. 

We always start our day with morning greetings that includes signing along to our good morning song looking at our visual timetable and using the Zones of regulation board to learn about feelings. We have regular opportunities for brain breaks woven into our timetable and take part in proprioception activities when engaging in daily exercises to help pupils get ready for the days great learning.

We have a fantastic outdoor learning program, which includes Forest schools with our trained Forester providing our pupils with opportunities to experience a natural environment in which to explore and discover. New exciting weekly outdoor learning sessions for science begin this year and will provide great opportunities to learn  new things in practical and hands on lessons.


During 2023-2024 we will be covering a range of topics which support holistic, enriching and thought-provoking learning experiences, all linked to acquiring relevant knowledge and skills:


Autumn 1 – Dinosaur Planet (History Focus)


Autumn 2 – Winter Wonderland (Geography Focus)


Spring 1 –  Marvellous Machines (D&T Focus)


Spring 2 –  Towers, Tunnels and Turrets (History Focus)


Summer 1 – Ready Steady Grow (Science Focus)


Summer 2 – Animal Safari (Geography Focus)


Beyond Bennerley sessions mean we get to experience outside classroom learning and have regular visits into the community to shops and cafes to support pupils in gaining independence and confidence outside of school and home.

Pupils will develop their life skills in the home by participating in activities such as how to wash clothes, use an iron and vacuum cleaner.


Important Information

Community visits Monday afternoon


PE is on a Tuesday afternoon - PE kits needed

We will be doing Forest School in the spring term; we will let you know about kit for this separately.

We will send you updates about your child throughout the week using our class email. If you need to contact us, we check email before and after the school day. If you need to report anything urgent please use the main school email address or phone the office.



13/2/24 Stem Activity making a toolbox.

13/2/24 Shipley class enjoyed a Stem activity, where we made our own tool boxes.

12/2/24 Bird watching at Shipley Country Park.

12/2/24 Shipley class went out into the community, and had a fantastic time bird watching at Shipley Country Park. 

7/2/24 Re Day at Christ Church.

7/2/24 Re Day. learning and role playing a Christian wedding.

18/1/24 Mrs Amitage on wheels bike decorating.

18/1/24 Using our imagination to add everyday objects to Mrs Armitages bike.

16th January - Mrs Armitage on Wheels

16/1/24 Making Mrs Armitages Sandwiches from her snack box from the story Mrs Armitage on wheels.

31/1/24 Shipley’s weekly Forest School with Becky

Friday 15th December Science- freezing

In science we explored the changes from a liquid to a solid, we had lots of fun 😊

Friday 29th November - Music

We have been exploring a range of music instruments to the Snowman song ☃️

28th November - Snow Bears

This week we have enjoyed our new class text, the Snow Bears which links in with our new topic “Winter Wonderland”. 🐻

17th November 2023. Children in need.

Shipley class had lots of fun raising money for children in need and enjoyed having a photo taken with Pudsey. 

Shipley class has had had a fabulous first half term and lots of fun learning opportunities during our topic Dinosaur Planet.


For topic sessions we learned about the continents and oceans and identified animals at risk of extinction in different parts of the world and how we can make a difference to their survival in Geography. In History children learned about dinosaurs. When they roamed the Earth up to their extinction. We made fossils and learned about Fossil hunter and Paleontologist Mary Anning. In D&T children planed and designed 'Sockosaurus' puppets and followed instructions to make dinosaur biscuits decorating them to sell at our Dinosaur museum along with displaying lots of their lovely work they have created over the term. A great afternoon was had by all.


In PSHE and RSE children have been learning our Bennerley attitudes and why they are important. We have also enjoyed fun activities to learn and practice good turn taking skills and listening to develop skills for working co-operatively. We have had sessions to learn who is in our family, identifying friendships and different relationships. Our daily sessions give everyone the opportunity to identify and name emotions using the Zones of Regulation to express how they and others are feeling.

This term we have had lots of opportunities to take our learning outside when we used various equipment to measure objects and places around school in maths. We took our exciting English stories outside as we acted out the story 'Where the Wild Things are' in our Forest school learning circle and acted out the fabulous and fun' GIGANTOSAURUS' story building a circuit, hiding under the parachute and being chased around the playground by the real GIGANTOSAOURUS!! We also have lots of  outside learning for science looking at patterns in the environment and for Art we looked for leaves to match a colour wheel.


For Our Beyond Bennerley learning we began the school year getting to know new friends and exploring emotions interacting and engaging with our sensory story 'The Colour Monster'. Community visits have provided lots of opportunities to learn about safety and identifying trusted strangers who we can ask for help in various shops. We took a walk around Ilkeston to spot signs and symbols in the community and in local shops. We also enjoyed a snack and drink in Morrisons transferring money skills in a practical functional way.


Our next topic is 'Winter Wonderland' and look forward to another great term.


Have a great half term holiday.


Adele and Shipley class😊 

24th October 2023. Noah’s ark RE day.

Shipley Class enjoyed a animal carnival afternoon for our RE learning which was linked to Noah’s ark.

17th October - Gigantosaurus Role Play

Shipley class had lots of  fun role playing and sequencing parts of the GIGANTOSAURUS story, As part of our English lesson and topic Dinosaur Planet. 

Welcoming Steve back from 5 for 50, well done Steve! 🥇