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The team comprises of class teacher Kathryn and Teaching Assistants Deborah, Paula and Yasmin. This year will be full of learning, laughter and exciting experiences for everyone. I know that together we can provide our pupils with the knowledge, independence and self-confidence they need to prepare for future experiences.


In Rufford, we deliver an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum, which prepares our pupils for transition into post 16 education and subsequently the next part of their lives and adulthood. We support our pupils to become well- rounded young adults who are ready to access further education and to be ready to live healthy fulfilling lives, becoming responsible citizens and make a positive contribution to society.


Core Subjects

We teach Functional Skills in Maths and English, these skills support pupils to apply their learning in real life situations ensuring learning is meaningful and relevant to the pupils.


Foundation Subjects Science

The Science curriculum is linked to the AQA Units Award scheme. Pupils study units in Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as developing science process skills; observing, inferring, measuring, communicating, classifying and predicting.


Culture Studies

The Culture Studies curriculum is linked to AQA Units Award scheme. Designed to extend pupils cultural experiences through combined subjects Humanities, Art, Drama and Forest Schools.



Pathway to Adulthood

The Pathway to Adulthood curriculum is linked to the AQA Units award Scheme. It combines key elements of learning and development to prepare pupils for adult life. The topics covered over a two years cycle:


· Finance and banking

· Democracy

· Enterprise

· Meal Preparation




Pupils receive weekly careers lessons delivered by an independent adviser, which follow the Gatsby Benchmarks. In these session’s they will be advised about post 16 providers.


Important information


PE is on a Monday morning.

Forest School is on a Wednesday afternoon for autumn 1 and autumn 2. 

06/06/24:- As part of well-being day Rufford class took part in different activities. A fabulous day was had by all!

24/5/24:- As part of our Beyond Bennerley lessons Rufford class travelled on the bus to Wollaton Park. A lovely day was had by all!!

10/5/24:- Rufford travelled on the tram into Nottingham and as part of our Pathway to adulthood curriculum we visited the tram depot. At the depot Josh and Ryan showed us around as well as showing us how to travel safely on a tram.

3/5/24:- Today Rufford continued their adventures with a train trip to Sheffield. The pupils demonstrated the skills to use public transport safely. Pupils had an amazing experience and a good time was had by all.

25/04/24:- today in PSHE the children were leaning about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We discussed how to make healthy choices and made delicious fruit kebabs.

22/04/24:- In Science Rufford used their Scientific Skills to carry out an investigation to find out which materials are soluble and insoluble in water.

26/3/24:- Rufford visited Loughborough Town Hall to watch Alice in Wonderland. We followed Alice and the white rabbit as they set off on a colourful adventure meeting a host of characters including Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat and the Mad-Hatter.

15/3/24:- We are thrilled to share with you an unforgettable experience that Rufford class recently had at Speedwell Caverns. Rufford embarked on a thrilling adventure as we descended into the depths of Speedwell Caverns led by experienced guides.

14.2.2024 Today in English we had great fun writing our own Acrostic Poems. The theme for our poems was Easter. We were really impressed with the students creativity and enthusiasm. Well done Rufford.

2.2.2024 Our English lesson this morning was enjoyed by everyone. We looked at a poem called The Plastic Bag Tree by the very talented Michael Rosen. The students impressed us withtheir ability to interpret the text. We all agreed that the poem delivers a very powerful message about harm to our environment. Well done Rufford!!

2.2.2024 This afternoon we made pizza toast as part of our introduction to cooking AQA unit. All of the students demonstrated amazing chopping, grating a spreading skills. The finished pizza’s looked absolutely delicious. Well done Rufford.

29/1/24:- today in Science Rufford had fun investigating magnetisms. We experienced what a magnetic force is by exploring which magnet is the strongest, based on how many paper clips it picks up.

2.2.2024 Using Makaton signs in the community when ordering food at the cafe! You were amazing Rufford, we are so impressed with how quickly you have picked up this valuable skill!

30/1/24- Rufford had a great visit to Nottingham St Barnabas Cathedral. The career visit enabled pupils to see experts working on the heritage restoration and learnt a lot about the history of the Cathedral

26.1.24 This morning in Rufford our amazing students have mastered some important Makaton signs to help them communicate in variety of social situations. We will get an opportunity in the coming weeks to practice these signs in the community when ordering drinks at a local cafe.

19.1.24 Following our successful shopping trip to Sainsbury’s last week we prepared a delicious cous cous dish today with the ingredients we purchased. We used our chopping and slicing skills and I think you will agree the finished product looks amazing!

19.1.24 Today Rufford visited Shipley Park as part of the Beyond Bennerley curriculum. We enjoyed spending time with each other on a lovely winter walk. We visited the Ramblers Cafe and we were wowed by all of the students independence skills, ordering drinks and managing their money. Amazing manners were on show as always, well done Rufford!

12.01.24: To enhance our Pathways curriculum we visited Sainsbury’s today. It was a great visit which gave our students the opportunity to practice their social and independence skills. We followed a shopping list and located items within the supermarket. We will be using these ingredients to make a delicious cous cous in class. We look forward to sharing that with you soon.

10/1/24:- As part of our Culture Studies Rufford class enjoyed a winters walk along the Bennerley Viaduct with Lee a volunteer from the friends of Bennerley Viaduct.

8/1/24:- in Science lesson students in Rufford class were learning about magnetism and how a magnet has a North and South Pole. They used iron filings to see the magnetic field around a magnet and learnt new key words “attract” and “repel”.

15/12/23- As a reward for all their hard work Rufford visited the cinema to watch the film Wonka.

7/12/23- In Science lessons Rufford class have been learning about Space. We visited National Space Centre in Leicester where the students got the opportunity to interact with the exhibition including the planetarium.

1/12/23- As part of Culture Studies Rufford class made eco friendly Christmas decorations then visited Colliers Wood where they hung the decorations on the trees.

23/11/23 Role playing to explore the characters of our class text “Oliver Twist”

14/11/23 Rufford class have been working hard on their spoken language assessment in English. Pupils took part in role play about homelessness which links to the text “A street cat named Bob”.

In Science lessons Rufford are learning about the Solar System. We carried out a science investigation where the students made planets out of baking soda and added vinegar to observe a chemical reaction.

20/10/23- Trip to Derby. In Beyond Bennerley lessons Rufford class planned a trip to Derby travelling on public transport. We visited Derby cathedral to see a model of the moon suspended from the nave of the cathedral, this coincides with next terms topic The Solar System. Students purchased their own lunch, practicing money skills and we all enjoyed sitting together to eat.

19/10/23 - Today Rufford joined in a live webinar run the by NFU. The students asked questions to farmer Lou about growing pumpkins.

19/10/23 As part of RE day Rufford class visited Cotmanhay Christ Church where Reverend Dawn talked about Love and Forgiveness and shared the story of the Lost son.

6.10.23 To coincide with the Science AQA unit award of life cycles Rufford class visited Twycross Zoo. This trip supported our learning looking at the life cycle of a butterfly where pupils got to see caterpillars and the cocoon and chrysalis stage.

03.10.2023 Visit to Broomfield College as part of our careers programme.

20.9.2023 Gymnastics activity to support our 5 for 50 challenge.