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Dovedale is one of our Primary classes and is part of the Stage 1 progression route across the school. This year we have a class of five students who are aged between six and ten years of age. 


The students access most of their learning in their own classroom, which has an adjoining sensory room. Our continuous provision enables pupils to learn though play and develop their play skills. Adult-led activities are carried out either on a one-to-one basis or in small group in a separate work area. Regular opportunities for outdoor learning are also encouraged, which includes forest schools and learning in our own outdoor areas. 


Each school day begins with an interactive 'Hello' session in which we share the timetable, welcome everyone to the class and identify our feelings. A creative and multi-sensory approach to learning is adopted across all subjects and is well-supported by the use of signs and symbols.  


By providing a fun, safe and engaging environment the students in Dovedale, are enabled to succeed and achieve.


Important Information:

Outdoor learning - Please provide wellies and all in one rainsuits OR waterproof coats and trousers as we shall be accessing outdoor learning all year round in all weathers.


PE  kits – will be on a Friday.

During Spring 1 our main topic is 'Will you read me a story?", Dovedale have loved exploring and listening to The Gruffalo story. 

We have explored the book through various sensory stories, matched the characters to their pages in the book  as well as ordering the story as we have read it. 

As part of our science and humanities this half term we are exploring how plants grow.

We started off by sequencing a plant life before following instructions and planting our own seeds.

Dovedale water their plants daily and check to see if they have started to sprout, we then record our findings as part of our investigation.

Gymnastics in PE

Following instructions to travel across different pieces of apparatus and moving safely around the hall space and at different levels. 

Dovedale love exploring Forest School on a Monday afternoon!

We gain the confidence to explore our environment independently. Our favourite activity is to see who get the muddiest! 

Dovedale have had an amazing morning on their trip! We started off by visiting the soft play at Lea Green as part of our PE lesson to work on our fundamental skills. 


As we have been working hard over the past few weeks in maths to understand the value and concept of money, Dovedale went to McDonald's for their end of term treat to practice their skills in a real life situtation. The students were able to order their own Happy Meal using a PECs board and handed over their cash to the worker without prompting. 

As part of our PSHE curriculum this half we were focusing on the Bennerley Attitudes of caring for our school as well as self care. We have selected jobs to help care for our school by choosing to; Wipe tables, sweep the floor and tidy toys away.


As part of self-care we have worked on becoming more independent with:

  • Brushing our teeth
  • Washing our hands
  • Bathing 
  • Putting on our shoes and coats

As part of Beyond Bennerley this half term Dovedale have been exploring hobbies and new experiences.

We started by looking at photos and symbols of our favourite activities in school from reading books, to playing on the scooters and climbing on the climbing frame.

For our new activities we:

  • Made a chocolate mug cake as a group
  • We made our own pitta bread pizza for snack time
  • We used household objects to create a fizzing lemon volcano


Autumn 2 - PE in Dovedale.

Bucket time in Dovedale

Dovedale enjoy their weekly sessions.

Dovedale have weekly TacPac sessions. They enjoy this in both 1:1 sessions or in a small group of peers.

Peer massage in Dovedale.

During Autumn 2 Dovedale have started to accept Peer Massage with enjoyment

As part of our Autumn 1 topic 'Why do leaves go crispy?' Dovedale have enjoyed exploring the changes in our natural environment. We have watched the leaves change colour, felt the temperature begin to cool and found some natural autumn objects (conkers, acorns & pinecones). We have also learnt all about different woodland animals, exploring the features that make them special.

Dovedale explored different aspects of a Christening for RE day. We looked at being apart of different families and communities from our home family to our school and class families. We then spent the afternoon taking part in our own christening experience, starting off by putting on our smart party clothes, learning about pouring 'holy water' over the babies head and then celebrating with music and party food.

Our PE visit to Lea Green soft play.

Dovedale had a fantastic trip to Lea Green soft play this morning (29/9/23). They all worked hard on their PE targets and had lots of fun with their friends too.



Dovedale complete the following challenges for their '5 for 50' fundraising week

  • Barefoot sensory walk
  • Danceathon
  • Rowing
  • Sensory circuit 
  • Bounceathon
  • Sports day