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Forest School

Derwent have been working hard at Forest School during their sessions in Summer 1. They have been making bee related items towards their enterprise sale, doing some great woodland crafts/art activities and even made their own butter from cream as a team. The butter tasted great for snack on bread sitting together in the woodland circle.

During week 2 of Summer 1, Duffield have been making their own butter from cream using "person power", as one of their activities at Forest School. What great teamwork, sharing , cooperation and resilience to keep going with this tricky task. It was worth it to be able to eat the handmade butter on bread at snack time in the woodland circle and to take the rest of the butter back to have on their breakfast toast the next day.

Rufford class cooking at Forest School on the fire they built and kept lit.

Chatsworth class making their bird feeders at forest school this week as well as exploring the site activites, working as a team, sharing and exploring/reflecting on our feelings and emotions.

Rufford worked hard on their fire lighting skills and knowledge this week, as well as collecting and prepearing the fire wood for next weeks cooking session at Forest School

Chatsworth took part in a variety of creative poppy activities for Remembrance Day at forest school this week.

Elvaston class have been creating firework inspired story sticks at forest school. Using the colours and sounds they saw over firework weekend to make their creations. The puipls then shared their story sticks with the rest of the class back in our woodland circle.

Chatsworth class at forest school working on their tool skills, knowledge, techniques and safety.

Elvaston class at forest school, working on their tool and fire lighting skills, knowledge, techniques and safety.

Rufford have been playing the rope release game at forest school. Building their team work, communication and porblem solving skills.

They then learnt about the woodland food web and the connection between the differnt living things, how all spicies are interdependent and the importance of looking after our environment.

Rope release game and food web work.

All the puipls accessing forest school or completing their John Muir discovery award during the summer term have enjoyed visually tracking the fox family that live on our site. They have looked for signs of their movement around the site, to know the best places to put our wildlife trail camera to capture images of them. We have been sucessfull capturing some great footage of the family of 4 foxes and some bonus footage of some other creatures using our site when we are not there.

4AS have loved tracking the fox tracks across our Forest School site and setting up a trail camera to capture them. They have also worked hard on preparing the raised beds for our vegetable/wild flower planting, planting additional trees around the site and begining to install a shallow wildlife pool. All this has contributed towards their John Muir discovery award.

Tigers have loved exploring at Forest school over the last half term. Learning new things, directing their own learning in ways that excite them and cooperating and sharing with others.

Foxes and Eagles and 3J have been doing lots of creative activities at forest school. Making Elder jewelry, weaving wool flowers, making water dispersing hearts, clay creations and creating Nordic swing braids.

3J investigated owl pellets to discover what types of things owls eat. They discovered a variety of small mammal bones. 

KS3 and KS4 have been exploring the Forest School site and learning about the different things that grow and live there. Working as a team throughout the activity to investigate different discoveries together and to report their findings back to the rest of the group.