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Meet 3J!


Welcome to 3J’s class page. We are a vibrant, active and kind KS3 class of 11 students. The teaching staff are Jonathan, Amabel and Jackie.


We are continuing to work on building positive relationships, being kind and tolerant of each other and learning a range of knowledge and skills in our lessons.


We have been exploring a range of topics this year continuing next half term with ‘Potions!’ - a brilliant topic which uses the brilliant story "George's Marvellous Medicine" by Roald Dahl as our key text, explores the history of medicine, while getting our hands messy with clay to build replica potion bottles, exploring a variety of materials and their changing states, alongside a huge range of other fun lessons! As ever our fantastic curriculum includes; enrichment activities, recognising and expressing our emotions, design and technology, visits out in the community and PE.


Thank you for all of your support!

A musical two weeks!


The children have had a brilliant, musical two weeks - firstly going to see the Demon Dentist at the Nottingham Theatre Royal and then having musical performers come into school to play music from Peter and the Wolf and the Bear and the Piano. The children were brilliant during both special events. During our trip to the theatre the children were exceptionally well behaved and thoroughly enjoyed the performance, the staff were extremely proud of them!

The musical performance at the beginning of the week was brilliant. The children really enjoyed their time, joining in with the performances, dancing and clapping along. The performers loved the children's engagement and even left a book of the Bear and Piano signed by them!



Science in action!

Science in action!


In our science lessons 3J have been exploring states of matter focusing on solids, liquids and gases. Today after the rain had stopped the children noticed something very strange - steam rising of the playground! Off we went to investigate and discuss how the rain was being evaporated by the heat and was turning into steam! Science happening right in front of our eyes! The children enjoyed running through it and make it move as they did.


We are getting well under way with our Enterprise work creating something tasty for everyone! The children have been fantastic coming up with ideas for their work, using tools and then making our products. As with all good products the children are doing lots of Quality Assurance to make sure the products is ready for you to enjoy!

Let's get practical!

We've had a very practical week in 3J! The children have been practicing their acting chops after writing a script based on our key text George's Marvellous Medicine! Lots of fun and the children have worked so hard at practicing their lines - well done 3J! In our Maths lessons we have been using lots of practical equipment to weigh out objects, which has helped with the children's understanding of mass. Lastly in our RSE lessons we have been discussing relationships, consent, changes during puberty, and this week we have been focusing on hygiene during in puberty. The children shared their knowledge of hygiene and showed off their skills by creating a hygiene fact file, exploring how germs travel and then washing their hands!