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Welcome to Ladybirds Class


Ladybirds is one of the Primary classes and is part of the Stage 1 progression route across the school. This year there are six students within the class who are aged between four and nine years of age.  Each student in ladybirds has a very special and unique character which is valued and celebrated! It is wonderful to see them develop as individuals alongside their class group.


There are four members of staff in ladybirds: Beth (Teacher), Jen (Teaching Assistant), Joanne (Teaching Assistant) and Dolcie  (Teaching Assistant ).


The students access most of their learning in their own classroom which is a space with an adjoining sensory room. Regular opportunities for outdoor learning are also encouraged which includes forest schools and learning in the outdoor areas..

Each school day begins with an interactive 'Hello' session in which we share the timetable and welcome everyone to the class. A creative and multi-sensory approach to learning is adopted across all subjects and is well-supported by the use of signs and symbols. 


By providing a fun, safe and engaging environment the students in ladybirds are enabled to succeed and achieve. 


If you have any questions, please contact us. Our class email is:

(June 20230 Ladybird's have enjoyed their PSHE lesson experiencing how to look after plants, we have planted our own seeds today. Great job Ladybird's

(June 2023) In RSE Ladybird's have been "recognising different medical people" today we have looked at the dentist and what they do, the children were very engaged and really enjoyed this lesson. Well done Ladybird's!

(June 2023) Ladybirds have enjoyed their beyond Bennerley lesson making milkshakes or juice! well done ladybirds

(June 2023) Ladybirds have loved starting their new topic “Are we there yet”. The children are enjoying the topic reading book “Cars and trucks and things that go”. They have done some great matching, letter formation and mark making work this week 🚗🚜🚕🚅

(May 2023) Celebrating the Kings coronation 👑🤴🇬🇧

(May 2023)This morning ladybirds have enjoyed a music session together, they have been practicing how to repeat a pattern with their voice or an instrument 🎶🐞

(April 2023) This afternoon Ladybirds have been taste testing new foods to see which they like and dislike for their PSHE lesson, they all did amazing!! Jelly was the winner 🥇 😁

(March 23) This week Lady birds have enjoyed doing Easter themed activities!🐣🪺🐰

(March 23) Ladybirds have really enjoyed their new topic “Do dragons exist”, we have been exploring with lots of different materials & mixtures 😊🐉