Bennerley Fields School,
Stratford Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 8QZ

Other Special Donations

iPad Library

A huge thank you to the Foyle Foundation for donating a very generous £8,250 to enable us to purchase iPads for our school library and also for communication aids.  The communication aids give pupils a voice and the importance of this cannot be overvalued.  The library is shared across the school.  Many of our children benefit from the apps that help them to read by highlighting words as they read along.  All the iPads and used all day every day within the school.

Bushcraft and Adventurous Activities

Open Gate have been supporting our KS3 Bushcraft and Adventurous Activities for the last 3 years.  Without them, we would not be able to run this program across KS3 for all our pupils.  The activities are a huge benefit to all our children but in particular, those who come into the secondary department from mainstream schools often having had negative experiences. They develop vital team building skills along with an increase in self-confidence.

KS4 Residential Trip

Thank you to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Derbyshire and Happy Days Children Charity for their donations meaning we have been able to offer our KS4 Residential Trip to all our pupils for the last two years.  The students have an amazing time – what a way to finish their time here are Bennerley Fields School.

KS2 Residential Trip

Our KS2 Children look forward to the 2-day residential trip each year.  For some, this is the first time they have ever slept away from home.  Thank you to The Henry Smith Charity for ensuring all our pupils could benefit from this amazing trip.

Specialised Trike

Thank you to the Round Table for making one Christmas especially memorable for one of our lovely pupils by donating a Specialised Trike.