Bennerley Fields School,
Stratford Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 8QZ

What happens in the Foundation Stage

Children access a wide range of play and learning activities linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and leading to the Early Learning goals. They have structured 1:1 time with an adult, time to choose their own activities, access to small group activities and time for working on language programmes and physical programmes as necessary. There are opportunities for positive play and 1-1 interactive sessions. The outdoor area is a safe and secure environment with a range of planned activities to suit a wide range of need.

Each child has their own programme to develop language and communication and a range of strategies are used to meet individual needs.

A range of systems is provided to support individual children’s language and communication needs e.g. objects of reference, photographs, signing and symbols.

Some children respond to specific approaches e.g. Picture Exchange, TEACCH approach, Intensive Interaction and Attention Autism. From our assessment and from discussion with you we use the approaches that suit your child best.

As well as individual time given to communication and language, within the day there are many opportunities built in for developing language, communication, attention and social skills, to ensure that your child is able to communicate in a range of everyday situations e.g. snack time is used to give choice and create a communication opportunity.

Your child may have a named speech and language therapist who will liaise with us and you during their time with us. The staff have extensive experience of working with children with language and communication difficulties and they will be responsible for ensuring that programmes are carried out throughout the day.