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our options

On a Monday moring we do our options. So like cooking, cars, music and childcare. We all enjoy doing it. I chase childcare. I do childcare because i care about children so much. It is so good learning about children and learning about what they need and don't need. We also do options on a Tuseday and Thuresday afternoon. On a Tuseday afternoon me and my friend go do hair and  beauty at Henor Gate School. It is ok. On a Thuresday afternoon we do art, bikes and gardening. I do art because i love art and i'm good at it.

By Caitlin

This entry was posted on 14th March 2014

my time in ks4


In ks4 I do cooking on Mondays. I have made lots of different things like curry and lasagne

and I really enjoy it.

Last week I went to Granby park  and the weather was beautiful, spring is here. I went to Granby park to learn to go out to places and I liked it .

      A few days ago I have took a functional skills test and a it is a test where you do reading, writing and speaking and listening and it went well.

I am also doing the Duke of Edinburgh. I'm doing  hair and beauty  as a skill. I'm  doing level...

This entry was posted on 14th March 2014

At construction

In ks4 we chosen our options. I chose construction.

At construction I have built a wall using wood and the right tools for the job. 

We get  to build different things like a bridge.

by Conor   

This entry was posted on 14th March 2014

swimming at victoria park


In psd we went to victoria park swimming. We went on the slides. One slide went in to the pool and another slide was dark. We all had

lots of fun!

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On  a friday we  do PSD we are looking at hygiene and health.  We are  loooking at different floor surfaces and how  to clean them. we  also  get the chance to  go to the  shop  and use  moneg if we haue time we go the park.


This entry was posted on 14th January 2014


I have planted some petunia seeds and they have all started to grow already.

We planted flowers in the pots at the front of the school. People think they look splendid and beautiful.

Yesterday, We did some digging. It was hard work.


This entry was posted on 14th January 2014