Bennerley Fields

3F (KS3)

Our Class
3F is one of the Key Stage 3 classes at Bennerley Fields School. Many of the students are new to our school and have done an amazing job of settling and making new friends. 3F are a class with lots of fantastic energy and are great to teach; they have a real sense of what it means to be part of a team and are good at developing positive relationships with their peers and staff, both within class and the wider school community.

We have a very dedicated class team made up of our teacher, Fiona, and two full time teaching assistants, Christine and Yasmin.  In addition to the school team, students are supported by a range of other professionals, including Speech and Language Therapists, physiotherapists and specialist teachers who offer individual and group support programmes tailored to meet the needs of our students. Staff and students in 3F all work very hard each day to make good progress in our learning and we are all very proud of our efforts.
Our Curriculum
In 3F we offer our students an age appropriate programme of learning that reflects and respects the individual needs of our pupils. Each of our pupils has targets which support their individual needs and these are assessed across the school day. We work closely with parents and outside agencies involved with our children to set targets that are appropriate to each individual child, such as: speech, language and communication targets and those our parents have told us is important to them.

In Key Stage 3, we follow a topic-based approach to the National Curriculum, giving our learners age appropriate opportunities to study individual subjects at their developmental level using a variety of teaching strategies. We encourage learning through allowing them to experience the world around them through a multi-sensory approach, whilst developing core literacy, numeracy and other key skills across the curriculum. A key area of learning in KS3 is independence and personal development which is delivered through our core PSHE programme. We focus on developing awareness of personal safety and wellbeing, health and hygiene, personal care skills, independent snack and cooking skills, as well as encouraging all round independence skills during lesson time.
Learning Environment
At Bennerley Fields we use a variety of learning environments to provide quality spaces for the children to learn in a variety of ways.  The large Key Stage 3 outside play area allows our students to engage in play and develop key social skills with their friends; we have a large school garden, including a sensory and nature area, which has a large polytunnel and accessible raised beds for gardening and supporting sensory processing difficulties. 

We also have a sensory room, football/ball games outside area, trampolines, indoor swing and classroom chill out areas that our students are given time to explore regularly.  All of these environments support learning through having a very positive effect on the wellbeing of our students.

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