Bennerley Fields

Tigers (KS2)

We are a lively class and have lots of fun. Our staff are Claire, Becky, Fiona and Maureen. We have an exciting curriculum and learn through different topics such as Ilkeston Charter Fair and Winter.

We enjoy learning through practical experiences and personalised teaching. We like to go out into the community to develop functional skills and personal and social education. We also enjoy visits as part of our topics.

All children have their own work stations where they have a symbolised timetable and work based around their individual learning targets. The work stations are individual to each of the children and are places where they can go if they want space on their own.

We like to learn about our topics in different ways, including learning together in circle time and individually completing tasks in workstations. In the morning we say how we are feeling at the start of the day and greet each other to develop communication and listening skills.
We learn about the world around us through a range of sensory and practical activities. We like to use the sensory room. We try to do things for ourselves where we can.

We have a choose room that is set up with activities related to the topics we are learning about where we can develop skills and choose what to play with when our work is finished as a reward. We can play with a range of toys and use the computer independently. We like to play outside. We help in the classroom by doing a job every day. We use a range of technology to help us learn, including using cameras to take pictures, using a laptop independently and using an iPad to record our activities.

We use movement and music to help us learn through using our bodies. We have daily Dough Disco sessions to help strengthen the muscles in our hands and fingers to aid the development of handwriting and we have weekly PE and music lessons.  We have many opportunities to take part in creative activities which help us to express ourselves, including art and craft activities.

We have an overnight stay at Lea Green every year, and have a great time there doing a range of outdoor activities.

In Tigers homework is linked to the topic we are studying and is often Literacy, Numeracy or Science based. We are encouraged to use real life, relevant experiences and objects to motivate learning. Children also take a reading book home and are encouraged to read regularly with family members.