Bennerley Fields

Tigers (KS2)

There are eight children in Tiger Class. Tiger Class teachers are Emma (Mon- Wed) and Claire (Thur and Fri). They are supported by teaching assistants Mark, Becky, Fiona, Caroline and Wendy. At any one time there will be one teacher and three teaching assistants in class.

Tiger Class is taught using the TEACCH system which enables the children to have a sound knowledge of the structure and routine in class on a daily basis. Personalised learning is a priority in Tigers. Our skilled and dedicated team of staff all believe in developing the child as a whole. We plan fun activities to meet the sensory, academic and social needs of each child, as well as promoting independence.

We plan exciting and interactive activities based around different learning topics. Our topics this year are: Pirates, Light, People Who Help Us, Spring at the Farm, Egyptians and Rocks and Soils. Each half term we order items from the library service, go out on visits or get organisations involved to aid the learning process and make it fun. All children have their own work stations where they have a symbolised timetable and work based around their individual learning targets. The work stations are individual to each of the children and are places where they can go if they want space on their own. Learning sessions take place in circle, then the children do individual or paired activities in their workstations, after this they can choose a number of games or activities in the ‘choose room; linked to the topic.

The children in Tigers are encouraged to communicate in a variety of ways. From verbalising and making requests in sentences to using talk tins, ipads and alternative communication devices. We actively encourage the children to talk about feelings and emotions in ‘Hello’ times. We also promote independence in feeding, dressing and personal care needs depending on the needs of the child.
We have a varied sensory diet from daily ‘Activate’ sessions to develop vestibular ability, dough disco to aid handwriting, peer to peer massage to develop social relationships and soft play.

We have an overnight stay at Lea Green every year, and have a great time there doing a range of outdoor activities.

In Tigers homework is linked to the topic we are studying and is often Literacy, Numeracy or Science based. We are encouraged to use real life, relevant experiences and objects to motivate learning. Children also take a reading book home and are encouraged to read regularly with family members.


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