Bennerley Fields

Ladybirds (EYFS)

We are a class of six Year1 pupils and three Reception aged pupils. We are supported by our teachers Sue and Leanne and our teaching assistants Kay, Chantelle, Sue and Laura.

In class we have a wide range of exciting learning activities for us to explore, inspired by the Early Years Curriculum. We follow a range of diverse topics which provide inspiration to engage us in the world around us and build on our knowledge.

We use a range of signing and symbols to support our communication skills and through songs, rhymes and sensory stories we are learning to explore and interact together.
Every day we join together to explore Maths, Literacy and listening programs on our interactive whiteboard.

On Friday afternoons we go to the sensory swimming pool at Ilkeston where we enjoy the water, music and lights.

Our teachers support our readiness for learning through a range of Sensory experiences. These include “Peer Massage” and Sensory programs such as Tac Pac & Knill. We use exploratory play with a wide range of sensory materials.

We use music to calm and mark the key routines of our day. This helps us develop a sense of rhythm, familiar actions and words alongside our language.

We are given daily opportunities to develop our own independence with self-help skills and independent learning.

Here are some photographs of us having fun learning.

Ladybirds  Ladybirds 2