Bennerley Fields

Admissions Procedure

Bennerley Fields is a Local Authority maintained Special School.  As such it is subject to the regulations in Circular 15/99 “Maintained Special Schools.”

Bennerley Fields caters for pupils aged 2 to 16 with a range of Special Educational Needs.  

All pupils will have a Statement of Special Educational Need or an Education, Health and Care plan (EHC).

Admission will be dependent on the availability of a place (current maximum 84) and the suitability of the school to meet the particular SEN needs of the pupil and the impact that the pupil’s attendance might have on the education of other pupils in the school. (Paragraphs 34 & 35 Circular 15/99)

The Local Authority must consult the governing body of Bennerley Fields before naming the school on a pupil’s EHC.  The governing body has designated the responsibility of liaising with the Local Authority to the Headteacher.

The majority of pupils will be admitted on a full time basis but exceptions will be made on the basis of age, medical needs, and transition into Bennerley Fields after a period of non-attendance at another school.

Prospective parents / carers are welcome to visit the school at any time by telephoning to arrange an appointment.  A Senior Member of Staff will discuss their child’s individual needs and show them around the school.