Bennerley Fields

Admissions Procedure

All pupils at Bennerley Fields have a Statement of Special Educational Needs and are offered a place at the school by the Local Authority. Our current published admission number (PAN) is 84.

We warmly encourage prospective parents/carers and their children to visit the school, to help them decide whether the school can best meet their child’s needs.

Once parents/carers decide Bennerley Fields is the right choice, this preference must be recorded either on the propsed Statement or at the annual review of the Statement. The Local Authority then consults the Headteacher and Governors who decide if they can meet your child's special educational needs and if placing the child would be conducive to meeting the other pupils' needs. The Local Authority then make the decision whether to place your child at the school. 

Should a place be offered at Bennerley Fields admission normally starts at the beginning of a term. However, the needs of the child are prioritised and therefore pupils may be admitted at other times during the term. Once a place has been agreed, school staff will get in touch with parents/carers to plan the pupil’s transition. This may include the pupil making one, or more, visits to the school.