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PHSE Curriculum

Key Stage
(Year in cycle)

Autum 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2

Prime area of PSED is embedded throughout the curriculum with a personalised approach.
PSED includes:
Making relationships
Self-confidence and self-awareness
Managing feelings and behaviour


Building relationships
Sharing and taking turns

Building relationships
Sharing and taking turns

Helping others and others who help us Helping others and others who help us

Sex and Relationships
Staying Safe

Sex and Relationships
Staying Safe
KS1/2 (1)  

Class rules.
Harvest, Autumn, Animals.

Money-saving and interest. Me - who can I talk to? Feelings Growing Up

Keeping safe in and by water.
Personal Hygiene. Olympics - setting and sharing goals.

KS1/2 (2) Class rules.
Safety at the fair.

Keeping safe in snow and icy water.
Change and loss. 

Litter - right and wrong.  Healthy Eating.  Making Good Choices.  Life Cycles
KS1/2 (3) Class rules.
Different Cultures - Hinduism and Judaism. People Who Help Us. Babies. You're in Charge - Leaders.  WE ROCK!!
Celebrating our Strengths
KS1/2 (4) Likes and Dislikes. Marvellous Me! Staying Safe, Media and IT. Flying High - dreams, wishes and aspiratons. Making Healthy Choices about our Bodies. Staying Safe in the Sun.
KS3 (1)  Knowing + Growing 1
Body changes – public + private + consent (R)

Healthy Lifestyles

Staying safe 1 – travel + roads

Have Your Say
Voting + government

Helping Out

Make it Happen for You
Expressing feelings

KS3 (2)  Knowing + Growing 2
Relationships – public + private + consent (R)
Drugs for mugs 1 – medicines + drugs

Staying safe 2 – strangers

The Law

I Want + I Need
Rights + responsibilities

Money, money, money
Personal finance

KS3 (3)  Knowing + Growing 3
Pregnancy + STDs – public + private + consent (R)
 Nothing Stays the Same
Family + belonging (R)

Staying safe 3

In Out + Beyond
School + community

Drugs for mugs 2 – alcohol + tobacco

Thinking About the Future
Transition + employment

KS4 (1) Making choice
Decision making
Personal awareness
Personal goals (HW)

Planning our spending

Understanding relationships
Sex and relationship education
Our bodies
Relationships we have (R)
Personal safety
In the home
In the community (LWW)
Personal care and hygiene
Teeth cleaning
Washing yourself
Personal care and hygiene
KS4 (2) Conduct at work
How to behave in the work place (LWW)
Preparation for work experience
Finding a placement and getting ready to go on work experience
Speaking and listening at work
Preparing to go on work experience
Introduction to understanding diversity in society
Understand different religious and ethnic groups
Experiencing cultures from around the world
Alcohol and drug misuse
Safety around alcohol
Understanding your limit
Know what drugs are around
Know the dangers of drug use
Know where to go to get help
Sex and relationship education
Sexual intercourse
Sexual orientation
Know where to get help
The law and sex (R)

Health + Wellbeing (HW), Relationships (R) and Living in the Wider World (LWW).